Hi! I am a 5th year MS student in Computer Science at UC Berkeley, advised by Sarah E. Chasins. This fall, I will be starting a PhD at UC San Diego in the ProgSys Group!

My primary research focus is at the intersection of programming languages and human-computer interaction. My current work explores interfaces for improving code comprehension using program synthesis. I am excited by research that makes programming easier for novice and nontraditional programmers.

I am part of the PLAIT Lab at UC Berkeley EECS. I have also been involved with the ACE Lab and Teaming by Design at Berkeley, researching assignment extensions in computer science courses and building software for data-driven student feedback in team-based design courses, respectively.


* = equal contribution

Theme Work on Teamwork: Mapping Student Teaming Experiences in Design Projects
Sara Beckman, Krina Patel, Qiuquan Gu, Shang Zhu, Alexander Cui, and Jacob Yim
to appear at FIE 2024

Equivalence by Canonicalization for Synthesis-Backed Refactoring [doi] [preprint]
Justin Lubin, Jeremy Ferguson*, Kevin Ye*, Jacob Yim*, and Sarah E Chasins
PLDI 2024

Supporting Mastery Learning with Flexible Extensions [doi] [pdf]
Yuerou Tang*, Jacob Yim*, Jordan Schwartz, Madison Bohannan, Dana Benedicto, Charisse Liu, Armando Fox, Lisa Yan, and Narges Norouzi
SIGCSE TS 2024 Poster

Automated Support for Flexible Extensions [doi] [pdf]
Jordan Schwartz, Madison Bohannan, Jacob Yim, Yuerou Tang, Dana Benedicto, Charisse Liu, Armando Fox, Lisa Yan, and Narges Norouzi
SIGCSE TS 2024 Poster

Searching for Incidental Specifications [doi] [pdf]
Jeremy Ferguson*, Kevin Ye*, Jacob Yim*, and Justin Lubin

Reprogramming of DNA methylation at NEUROD2-bound sequences during cortical neuron differentiation [doi] [pdf]
Maria A Hahn, Seung-Gi Jin, Arthur X Li, Jiancheng Liu, Zhijun Huang, Xiwei Wu, Byung-Wook Kim, Jennifer Johnson, Adrienne-Denise V Bilbao, Shu Tao, Jacob A Yim, Yuman Fong, Sandra Goebbels, Markus H Schwab, Qiang Lu, and Gerd P Pfeifer
Science Advances


Data 100: Principles and Techniques of Data Science
teaching assistant: Summer 2024, Spring 2023, Fall 2022, Summer 2022
course tutor: Spring 2022, Fall 2021

Industry Experience

Amazon Web Services
Software Development Engineer Intern: Summer 2023, Summer 2022

Software Engineering Intern: Summer 2021


I teach science lessons at elementary and middle schools with Berkeley Engineers and Mentors. As part of the Curriculum committee, I write lessons for our students.

For fun, I also run Smash at Berkeley, a club organizing tournaments for the Super Smash Bros. series of games.